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Introducing the global motorsport activities and driving education programs of Hyundai Motor, we reconstructed the site with optimized content strategy to effectively promote Hyundai Motorsport as an active brand and to showcase the innovative technologies of Hyundai N models.
Hyundai Motor Company
Oct. 2017
What we did
Responsive Web Design UI/UX
With the global user experience at the heart of our UI/UX strategy, we aimed to make the information on Hyundai Motorsports technologies and events easy to find and share with enhanced search flow and clarity. We focused on elevating the user's viewing experience by re-establishing fresh visual standards and enriching the site with high-quality contents - such as the latest news, interviews, rally video, and updated imagery - that are delightful for users to engage and explore.
Strategy & Direction
Big size images have been combined with brand storytelling to express the dynamic driving performance of Hyundai Motor's N brand models and to create an overall high visual appeal. Restructuring the site with visual consistency and with greater attention to the responsive elements, we adapted a mobile-friendly template to easily accommodate various content types and redefined a flexible framework to provide a management experience that is easy-to-use.
Grid system for Motorsport page.
Typeface for Motorsport page.
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Color 02
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8 Colors
i20 of WRC introduction page design.
Our holistic design focus on the user, content and visual design has brought a dynamic and consistent brand experience to Hyundai’s global audience. The redesigned platform organically connects the unique brand storylines of Hyundai Motorsport and Hyundai N - clearly informing users through updated and visually enhanced contents that help them stay focused, interested, and coming back for more.
m Tablet design for WRC driver and crew interview page.
Mobile design for WRC driver and crew interview page.
Web design for Germany's
Other Pages
Web design for various Motorsport contents.
Web design for various Motorsport contents.

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